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Your Trusted Guide to Local Food

Buy Fresh Buy Local Illinois is your trusted guide to local food. We make it easy to find and support local farms and the businesses that carry their products.

Our mission is to build vibrant, resilient, and just local food economies across the state by promoting local food and providing the highest level of transparency and traceability to the public. We value diversity, equity, and sustainability in all its forms and applications across the food system.

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Buy Fresh Buy Local Illinois is a coalition of organizations and agencies across the state committed to working together to build our regional local food economy. Our coalition is led by a Steering Committee of 15 food and farm organizations:
Advocates for Urban Agriculture
Angelic Organics Learning Center
Chicago Food Policy Action Council
Family Farmed
Food Works
Illinois Department of Agriculture
Illinois Cooperative Development Center
Illinois Farm Bureau
Illinois Farmers Market Association
Illinois Specialty Crop Growers Association
Illinois Stewardship Alliance
The Land Connection
Seven Generations Ahead
Artisan Grain Collaborative
American Farmland Trust
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Routes to Farm

Routes to Farm is a collaborative effort comprised of organizations that directly serve farmers and which offer programming or services that nurture, train and/or promote the viability of farms by: 

* Providing assistance to farmers in the Chicago foodshed, defined as farmers within 400 miles of Chicago;
* Defragmenting the resources that are available to farmers through close collaboration and coordination; and
* Highlighting farming practices that are healthy, humane, fair, sustainable, and products that are locally sourced and sold.
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Food Works is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a sustainable food economy in Southern Illinois.
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