Farm Beginnings 2022 - 2023 Farmer Profiles

Seeds of Hope

Arianna Blakemore

Their Farm Summary & Mission

Seeds of Hope is a restorative community based organization. My mission is to rebuild the connection between humans and nature by practicing ancient tools that are rooted in healing our mind, body & spirit through environment. Sharing space to instill self-sustainability and provide educational workshops about herbal medicine, original soul food/food as medicine, holistic remedies etc. We believe by restoring the land we then begin to renew our spirits.

Best Take away from the Food Work's Farm Beginning Program

The connection with other local farmers. Learning about farming practices and researching them further. Learning the importance of soil health and researching further into the science of it and ways to methods to improve it such as composting.

Where to find Seeds of Hope products

HEALing SoIL Farm

Quianya Enge

Their Farm Summary & Mission

HEALing SoIL farm is rooted in our founder's journey to self healing
from an auto immune disease diagnoses in 2022.

We seek to defy stereotypes and remove barriers for others
who are turning to farming for a different quality of life; who
want to live good while doing good for others by growing high
quality crops with an ecological consciousness. It is our
mission to provide our customers with an exemplary
experience while providing them to be a partner in expanding
access to agriculture for underserved and under-represented

As a Black urban grower our mission to make people
feel good, with the power of healing herbs.

Best Take away from the Food Work's Farm Beginning Program

Learning how to do container gardening from other farmers. Networking From all walks of life and other farmers in the program and the on-farm experiences.

Where to find Healing Soil Farm's products

Future Home:

Healing SoIL Urban Garden

Location: 422-424 E. Jackson Street

Carbondale, IL 62901


Well House Farmstead

Elycia & T.J. Freeman
1982 Grammer Rd., Carbondale, IL 62903
(815) 325-5301

Their Farm Summary & Mission

At Well House Farmstead we strive to do things differently with our practices. Educating the community and offering better options for people and the earth. Our experience and ongoing learning have allowed us our current successes in raising sheep and chickens as well as growing fruits, vegetables and herbs. We plan to not only grow our farmstead with new endeavors in the future, but refine our current enterprises with continued assessments.
We are committed to producing a variety of healthy and local food, free from inorganic pesticides and fertilizers, using southern Illinois native soil and natural sunlight.

We grow food using a symbiotic farming system that improves soil quality and grows natural, chemical free meat and produce.

We strive to live as an example, to convey the feasibility and practicality of small farm life.

Best Take away from the Food Work's Farm Beginning Program

As first generation farmers Elycia & Tj felt their biggest take away from the Farm Beginnings Program was the collaboration of the resources provided by the program. They now have built relationships with other farmers and organizations and have people to call upon when they need advice or assistance.

Where to find Well House Farmstead's products

Hump Day Farmers Market

At their farm Stand located at 1982 Grammer Rd., Carbondale, IL, 62903

Leaf Food Hub

Christy Howell

Plants Everywhere

Christy Howell
404 S Sparta St
Steeleville, Il 62288

Their Farm Summary & Mission

Plants Everywhere aims to connect community with the health and beauty and nourishment of the land. The farm grows cut flowers, vegetables, herbs and small fruits. Our Mission is to educate people on growing these items in a manner that is friendly to ourselves and the earth. It is important to teach our customers to grow with nature, manage stress and unplug by grounding ourselves and to be good stewards of the soil, water and air we use. As Plants Everywhere continues to grow we will incorporate more workshops and on farm learning experiences such as native plant starting, sustainable harvesting, healthy cooking, pollinator plantings, butterfly tagging and various other learning opportunities

Best Take away from the Food Work's Farm Beginning Program

Networking with other experienced and beginning farmers in the community.

Where to find Plants Everywhere's products

At the Sparta, Chester, New Baden Farmers Markets

At the Plants Everywhere on South Sparta St in Steeleville, Il 


Herbal Farms

Danielle Martin
Lebanon/O’Fallon/Cahokia locations

Their Farm Summary & Mission

Herbal Farms has been in existence for three years. We have
chosen not to grow at it alone but partner with other farmers, three
non-profits, food pantries, and soup kitchens.

Our mission and goal is to be active in the communities we service.
We consider it a pleasure and honor to service the community.

Financially speaking, our revenue is dependent upon farmer’s
markets in Swansea, Shiloh, Belleville, O’Fallon, Mascoutah, Alton,
Millstadt and reopening Lebanon’s market; and the surrounding
communities within St.Clair County. We have launched a CSA with
local farmers for this year’s growing season. We are also a
permanent fixture in Waterloo’s Mid-West Bird and Breeder
Association, where we continually sell our adult birds and off-spring.

Now that our CSA has been launched. We are expanding our
online sales further by building a website that works in
conjunction with a POS system.

We look forward to expanding into the restaurant scene and
selling to local restaurants.

Our mission and goal is to educate, inform and bring the public
to an awareness that they can take back their health and
become their own advocate.

We do so by growing vegetables, fruit and herbs through
organic practices and regenerative farming.

Raising humanely treated, organic raised, free range and cage
free chickens and ducks.

Best Take away from the Food Work's Farm Beginning Program

The comradery of getting to know other farmers regardless of farming experience which may range from a day to years. Also enjoyed the first gathering of farmer trainees , stating it was open and inviting and everyone took in much consideration to people's food choices when bringing a dish to the potluck.

Where to find Herbal Farms products

Lebanon/O’Fallon/Cahokia locations

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