Field Day June 2023

Small Scale Grains

Join us for an on-farm Field Day event about small-scale grains at Illinois Country Harvest in Prairie du Rocher, IL.
Illinois Country Harvest is a sustainable, small, diverse farm located in southwestern Illinois, owned and operated by Jason & Jennifer Duensing. They grow heritage grains, including Rouge de Bordeaux wheat and Cherokee White Eagle corn. They also grow heirloom and native flowers, fruits, and vegetables and raise heritage pigs using all-natural, sustainable practices.

During the field day, they will provide tours of their small-scale grain field areas and processes with the goal of raising food-grade grains. They will discuss their crop selection and all-natural growing practices such as seed saving, planting, harvesting, crop rotation, and cover cropping. They will also be displaying antique farm equipment that they use on the farm and talk about market avenues for their grains. Also on site will be representatives from the following organizations The Artisan Grain Collaborative, MidWest Grit, and Les Amis du Fort de Chartres, all of which have provided valuable resources to Illinois Country Harvest and will discuss what they have to offer other small to midsize farmers interested in growing grains. 

Post Event Notes:

Thank you to everyone who attended the Food Works' Southern Illinois Farming Alliance's Small Scale Grains Field Day at Illinois Country Harvest.


Here are the contacts and information for the farm and the presenters 


Illinois Country Harvest

[email protected]


Mid West Grit


Les Amis du Fort de Chartres Heritage Wheat Revival Project

Thank You to all who joined us at Illinois Country Harvest on June 12th, 2023!

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