Field Day March 2024

Apple Tree Grafting Workshop: Cultivating Resilience and Diversity in Southern Illinois Orchards.

Tuesday, March 19th, 5pm-8pm
Apple Tree Grafting
Join us for a workshop about apple tree grafting at Scratch Brewery.

Dive into the fascinating world of apple tree grafting with our specialized workshop, led by Blayne Harris of One Circle-Eco Farm & Aaron Kleidon of Scratch Brewery, designed to empower orchardists, backyard gardeners, and apple enthusiasts. This hands-on experience focuses on the propagation of apple trees through grafting, providing access to bio-regionally adapted apple genetics. Our goal is to enhance the biodiversity and resilience of apple orchards within our communities, ensuring a rich variety of apples for future generations.

The Apple Tree Grafting Workshop field day will include a brief discussion about the history of grafting and examples of how grafting is useful to farmers. We will also demonstrate several types of grafts with a primary focus on the whip and tongue. Cutting scion wood, growing your own rootstock, and grafting other types of fruit trees will also be covered. Reliable sources to purchase trees and scion wood will be mentioned, as well as recommended books.

Workshop Intent and Objectives:

- Bioregional Adaptation of Apple Varieties: Learn about the significance of cultivating apple varieties that are well-suited to our local climate and soil conditions. The workshop will introduce participants to a range of apple genetics that have shown excellent adaptation to our bioregion, leading to healthier trees and more bountiful harvests.

- Mastering Grafting Techniques: Gain hands-on experience with various grafting techniques specific to apple trees, including cleft, whip and tongue, and bud grafting. This segment is designed to equip both novice and seasoned gardeners with the skills to successfully graft and propagate apple trees.

- Promoting Apple Diversity: By focusing on a wide array of apple varieties, we aim to encourage the cultivation of both traditional and rare apple types, contributing to the genetic diversity and ecological stability of our orchards.

- Building Community and Resilience: Participants will learn to propagate and share apple tree grafts, fostering a sense of community and mutual support. This practice not only helps in preserving diverse apple varieties but also in building resilient food systems.

- Practical and Interactive Learning: Attendees will engage in direct grafting practice with expert guidance, leaving the workshop with their own grafted apple saplings to plant and nurture at home.

- Materials Provided: We will supply all necessary grafting tools, rootstocks, and scion wood from various apple varieties. Participants are encouraged to bring any specific apple varieties or grafting tools they are interested in working with.

This workshop is a perfect opportunity for those interested in deepening their understanding of apple tree cultivation, enhancing orchard biodiversity, and learning the valuable skill of grafting. Join us to celebrate the legacy and future of apple growing in our region, fostering a community dedicated to sustainable orchard practices and the joys of diverse apple cultivation.

Event Notes:

Workshop, $20 per person, includes one self-grafted tree. Additional trees are $5 each. (limit 5 additional trees)


Light drinks and refreshments will be available.

Bathrooms will be available.


Registration is now closed.

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