Farm Dreams

Virtual Farm Dreams Series

Tuesday, June 8
Tuesday, June 15
Tuesday, June 22
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

HOSTED BY: Angelic Organics Learning Center, The Land Connection and Food Works

Do you dream of running a farm but don’t know where to start? At a time when small farming is steadily becoming a viable career path for many people, it is important to understand what that path looks like, and what demands, pitfalls, and rewards await those that heed the call of the land. That is what the Farm Dreams workshop series aims to explore.

Farm Dreams is an online workshop series for aspiring farmers, helping them discover what it would really take to start a farm business. Each session includes exercises to help assess skills and resources, and provide direction for next steps in building a farm business. We’ll be joined by local farmers to share their experience in turning their farm dreams into farm reality!
Everyone has dreams, and if farming is yours then this workshop is definitely a place to start turning your dreams into a reality.

This 3-part weekly series is for you. Farm Dreams is a 3-part series focused on helping you assess readiness, set goals and create a farm plan. Please plan to attend all 3 sessions.

June 8 – Assessing Readiness
June 15 – Building a Dream
June 22 – Creating a Plan

To register and for more information, please visit here. You may also call (815) 389-8455.
"I did fulfill my dream. I’m doing what I love to do every single day. There’s lots of things that I could change to make my farm better, but my dream is that I’m doing what I love, there’s not much more to it. Even when it is hard, heartbreaking, intense, I love my job every single day." - Jessica Whinston of Fours Winds Farm, past Farm Dreams participant
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