Field Day April 2023

Biochar for Small Farms

Join us for an on-farm Field Day event about biochar at Angie's Farm in Pomona, IL.
Nestled along the west side of Pomona Hill, is Angie's Farm, a small-scale sustainable farm owned and operated by the Kuehl Family. Angie, her brother, Colin, and their father, Larry, are passionate about sustainability and see themselves as good stewards of the land. Larry began experimenting with biochar creation several years ago as a way to enrich their soil for their family garden. 

During the field day, they will demonstrate how to make biochar in a backyard setting, with items you may have on the farm or that are readily available to farmers. Field ecologist Alex Barnes, who researched biochar at SIU, will also be on hand to answer questions of the benefits of biochar and how it can be used on the farm. Barnes studied biochar's potential as an organic pest control method and established a biochar creation program.  She currently works as a project supervisor with Urban Habitat Chicago, supporting community gardens and creating biochar from local waste.  Representatives from American Farmland Trust will also be on hand to discuss Perennial Bioenergy Cropping Systems.

Angie’s Farm will also have local honey available for sale on site. Please join us for a potluck following the workshop.

Post Event Notes:

Thank you to all who attended our first Field Day of the season at Angie's Farm.

Below you will find the contacts for each of our speakers as well as links to their affiliated websites.

Shrub Willow Growing Guide.pdf

Angie's Farm

[email protected]

Alex Barnes [email protected]

Bio Char 

American Farmland Trust 

Marlee Giacometi [email protected]

Project website

Thank you to all who joined us at Angie's Farm on April 17th, 2023!

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