Field Day May 2023

Food Forest, Planted and Foraged Perennial Herbs

La Colina Linda Farms LCL is a MOSA Certified Organic farm owned and operated by Kathy Ward & Jerry Kinser. They specialize in planting and foraging perennial herbs for market and value-added products using vegan inputs and practices. They grow and forage a variety of fruit, vegetables, herbs, and root vegetables. Growing practices on the farm include permaculture, double-dug beds, soil blocking, and the use of high tunnels, cover crops, and tarps. 

Noah Scalero, Illinois FarmLink Navigator for The Land Connection, was also available during the event to provide information on their land access services connecting landowners and farmers.

Below you will find some contact information for La Colina Linda and Noah with Farm Link.

La Colina Linda Farm

Farm Link

Noah Scalero

[email protected] 

Thank you to all who joined us at La Colina Linda Farm on May 21st, 2023!

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